Diablo Cody’s ‘United States of Tara’ (TV Series 2009-2011)

I’m just going to get right to it and say that I absolutely loved this show from start to finish. In an audience whose jaws have dropped in a pin-drop silent room, I am the person who slowly rises and claps. This series left an impression that will stay fresh in my mind for months to come, and has become one of my favorite shows of all time.multiplesIt has everything that I’ve ever wanted in an entertainment program. Comedy, drama, romance, coming of age humility, dysfunctional family, psychological thriller,  spontaneous personalities, gore, and many more. Above all it’s one of the most honest stories I’ve ever come across.
Above all of all, the characters. The acting. The development. Holy Collette. Toni Collette was the belle of the ball, and boy did she deliver. I watched all 36 episodes over a span of a week and a half, and it was a lot to process; but her acting was without a doubt one of the best I’ve seen in a television series. I loved Tara, Max, Marshall, Kate, and Neil. I loved to hate Charmaine. I even had a soft spot for Tara’s alters: T, Buck, Alice Shoshana, and Chicken. I enjoyed watching the personalities and it was thrilling to see how they impacted the Gregson’s suburban life.
It was like Sybil meets My So-Called Life meets Arrested Development. I felt so disturbed and concerned, but at the same time I felt comfortable watching and it was, at times, really funny. Not to mention Kate (Brie Larson) reminded me so much of Lindsay Bluth Funke. This show is more than that though. It’s unique and I’ve grown attached to it for some reason. I’m in disbelief that it was cancelled, and as much as I want to start a riot over it, I need to be real here.
Think about it. How many times do you see a series structure in comedy with a dysfunctional family which has a mother with Dissociative Identity Disorder? You just don’t, and United States of Tara was the show to step up and achieve the unthinkable.


  • Phenomenal storyline
  • Great ensemble
  • Variety-comedy, drama, thriller (what more could you want)
  • Acting chops- Toni Collette gives us her all in fulfilling the role of Tara


  • Bitter and disappointed that it was cancelled after 3 seasons-I wanted more.
  • Because of the cancellation, the ending felt rushed and many potholes were left

Overall Rating: 8.8/10