Jesse Peretz’s ‘Our Idiot Brother’ (2011)

Another day, another afternoon on Netflix. As I was flipping through all the different options,  I had a few guidelines I was following. First, it had to be a short movie. I wanted something that was short, sweet and to the point. It’s a Friday and I’ve got things to do (as I sit here writing this review which has nothing to do with what I need to get done). Secondly, it had to be funny. Going into the weekend, I needed something to make me unwind from this tough week. I definitely was not in the mood to watch some complicated 2hr30min film which would leave me feeling empty and depressed. Well, I came across Our Idiot Brother and felt that it would follow my guidelines. An hour and a half later, I came to the conclusion that it did.
Our_Idiot_Brother1What works about this film for me is that it’s not meant to be a work of art, and you have to accept the fact that you’re watching it because it’s lighthearted and fun. I suppose that’s what comedies are, essentially. I personally watch too many dramas that I end up taking the film industry so seriously. Our Idiot Brother made me step back a few steps.
What attracted me to this film in the first places was the cast. A lot of these actors have worked together in multiple films, and for good reason-their chemistry is great. These actors include Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Rashida Jones, Adam Scott, and Kathryn Hahn. Additional actors such as Zooey Deschanel, Emily Mortimer, and Steve Coogan fit right in to join a fun ensemble.
This film was so silly I honestly felt like I was smiling 95% of the time. I just love Paul Rudd. His character was spot on, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of one of my friends who has almost the same exact personality. That’s kind of a side note, but it’s also commending Rudd for adhering well to his character. I also have a soft spot for dogs, so this film won some brownie points for bringing a dog into it’s storyline.
For the 5% I didn’t smile, the film did put in some serious moments only for the support of it’s overall moral of the story. The sisters (Mortimer, Banks, and Deschanel) create those serious moments, and although they got on my nerves a little bit with their cliche drama, it was fun to watch it all come together.

“I like to think that if you put your trust out there; if you really give people the benefit of the doubt, see their best intentions, people will rise to the occasion.” – Our Idiot Brother (2011)


  • fun and lighthearted
  • heartwarming and optimistic
  • enjoyed watching the character interactions
  • nice soundtrack
  • made me laugh out loud at some points (that’s hard to do with me)


  • it’s pretty mediocre compared to other comedies
  • probably won’t watch it again
  • don’t want to sound like a snob here (probably will anyway)… I love Rashida, but I hated her character’s style. It was obvious that they were making her the “man” of the lesbian couple
  • should have been marketed better

Overall Rating: 6/10